Sunday, September 14, 2014

I am Blessed.

Looking back last year at this time, I stepped foot into a foreign shore not just another land but a first world country, Australia. I never knew what sort of life I will be experiencing here. Now, looking forward from that time I have taken huge steps to get to where I am now. Though uncertainty still lingers, I can say that I am on the luckier player of the cards. Quite so often, I tend to compare myself to others but doing that would be so futile. We can never have the same fate or life. We can only have what we have for now. Be satisfied with it.

My heart swells with gratitude with all the people who have helped me pave way for my settlement here. It is an immense journey of being able to get on your knees from being dependent from your parents all my 27 years.  Especially when there are a lot of people who are so eager in lending their kind hands to a needy like you. I have yet to know my fate here. Whilst waiting I am industriously working my all to be self-sufficient.

 Beyond happiness is what I feel right now. It maybe because I have gone a long way since I got here but more than that is because I keep myself grounded and with content in my heart.  I am proud of my self. I might be just lucky but I believe that I am more blessed most definitely because God never fails. I can never have everything that I want for sure. I just remind myself everyday that not so long ago I wished to be in this place and now I am here is now a reality. As they say, count your blessings!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Men in Celine

 I applaud men who step out of the normal to take things to a higher level. Not everyone would take this lux Celine bag in the streets just because it’s not manly or too gay at that. But when you see men take their style game up, it breaks down the walls of mens fashion. Rather than just the predictable.

This fashion forward thinking man, carries a Celine Phantom bag in canvas. Love the colours! You can go to the gym with or go for a shopping afterwards.

This is my ultimate goal, to have my own Celine Mini Luggage. Preferably, the pebbled black one. I love basics. You can just do anything with it. But everything comes with a price of course which is just beyond my bank or most of us. I know this is too much but it’s not impossible. Right? It’s good to have something that you look forward to. Love love love it! I will work hard for this!

Kisses for Brekky!

My jam!!!!!!! just wanna share. I just heard this over Myer a few weeks ago and I used my Shazam app to find out who sang the song. Lucky I have this app! Anyhow, just take a moment to listen to this feel good song.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Keep Calm then Freak Out!

Halloween is just around the corner of Elm Street, Oh no I mean just around the corner. This new season of American Horror Story: Circus makes you just want to say “wake me up when September ends”! I have this thing for dark and dirty past. I love digging in to other people dirty little secrets on TV but sometimes on real life too. Lol. The setting of the new season feels dated into the past.

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